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How To Gain A Consistent Golf Game That Your Friends Envy From 15 World Class Coaches Without Having To Watch Hundreds Of YouTube Videos Or Practice Thousands Of Hours

How To Gain A Consistent Golf Game That Your Friends Envy From 15 World Class Coaches Without Having To Watch Hundreds Of YouTube Videos Or Practice Thousands Of Hours

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Warning! When you read Consistent Golf Secrets, you are going to dramatically reduce your handicap. We are not liable for you being labeled a "sandbagger" in tournaments as a result of you shooting lower scores.

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Warning! When you read Consistent Golf Secrets, you are going to dramatically reduce your handicap. We are not liable for you being labeled a "sandbagger" in tournaments as a result of the multiple stroke reduction in your handicap.

“So, How Do You Quickly Gain A Consistent Golf Game? 

From: Bo Watson,

Winston-Salem, NC

Dear friend,

Do you want to play a consistent golf game that impresses your golf buddies?


Do you want to play golf without the worry of embarrassing yourself?

Then this will be the most important book you'll ever read.

Then this will be the most important book you read.

Let me know if this has happened to you...

As a golfer, there have been times in our lives where we've heard and we believed the idea of:

"If You Practice, You Will Get Better..."


And so we decide to start practicing... 

We go on YouTube and start watching numerous videos... 

We subscribe to the best golf magazines...

We buy the latest golf equipment or training aids...

Hoping that IF we practice hard enough, our game will get better. 

"And Then We Go Play A Round Of Golf, To Check Our Progress..."

Only to finish the round disappointed and wondering why we even play this game...

Is that your story right now? Is that why you're here?

Have you been practicing so hard only to see your game plateau, and what's worse is that you can't seem to figure HOW to get your breakthrough?

Have you ever thought... 

"If I can't Figure This Out Soon...I Might Need To Quit And Pick Up A New Hobby..."

My name is Bo Watson and just 6 years ago I quit the game of golf forever!

I had been running a successful golf school that was averaging 4 strokes in 6 months for my clients.

But, on this particular evening in september of 2016, I was fired by my client.

The reason was due to him being frustrated with his game and not reaching his "true potential."

I also fired myself because I agreed with him.

Unbeknownst to him, I too struggled with the "same issues" in my own personal game.

I was sick of putting in countless hours of practice only to stay stuck in my own game.

As a result, the frustration of not being able to fix my game nor my client's became the tipping point...

I made a decision that evening to quit the game of golf forever!

The next day I was sending out resumes to various companies and within a week I was hired to work as a sales rep for a prominent cellular communications company.

Things were going well with the new career change and golf was an after thought until...

I met my business partner a year and a half later in 2018 over a dinner meeting.

What he shared with me that night over dinner 


The secret he shared was responsible for helping me play 6 out of 8 rounds under par with zero physical practice and no warm ups before my rounds.

As a result, I achieved a +1.7 handicap which is something I had never done before.

I was so excited about my own transformation that I knew I couldn't keep it to myself.

After the last round I played where I shot 4 under with 3 lip outs for 9 holes, I called the client who had fired me 2 years prior to prove that it wasn't a fluke.

I shared the secret strategy with him and the very next week he shot 76 in a one day golf tournament!

He used to fold under pressure and shoot scores between 86-91 in tournaments...

But, the 76 was his lowest score ever in a tournament and it was the first time that he had ever broken 80 in a tournament!

Now, fast forward 2 years...

 My business partner and I have helped Hundreds of golfers of all ages to drop an average of 6.7 strokes in 90 days or less.

And that's just a small handful of our clients' testimonials.

Now, I would be lying if I said that this one secret is the answer to all of your golfing problems.

That would be very naïve of me to say.

But, what I can say is that if you apply this 'secret strategy' along with many of the other secrets found within this controversial book from the top experts in their respective niches within golf, you will no doubt have in your hands a playbook that will get you to consistent golf fast!

"What Would Happen To Your Game If You Dropped 6+ strokes Or Reached 

Scratch Or Better Handicap!?!"

Over the last 2 years I have made it our mission to help 100,000 golfers to shoot their new lifetime low rounds.

As a result, I sought out the TOP EXPERT within their respective niche and asked them one simple question.

"What would you share from your expertise the fastest way for a golfer to achieve consistent golf?"

Their generosity blew me away!

As we were documenting all of their "Secrets" we were discovering in real time, I needed to put these into a book to help as many golfers as we possibly could!

I spent over a year compiling all of the secrets and turning it into our best selling book called: 

The Underground Playbook 

For Gaining Consistency In Golf Fast!

Inside, we'll share with you exactly what it takes to for you to achieve consistent golf fast.

If you're a new golfer, experienced golfer, or even a competitive golfer ... and you'd like to play with more consistency ... this book is for you.

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  • Backed by our 30-day money back guarantee. You'll love the book or we'll give you your money back AND let you keep your copy.

When You Order Your Copy Today... Here's A Small Sample Of What You'll Discover...

Inside The Consistent Golf Secrets Book, we'll share exactly how we are helping golfers of all ages to play consistent golf and shoot scores in the low to mid 70's...

Here's a sneak peak at what you'll discover inside this new book:

  • The single greatest, most powerful, skill that everyone can develop to play consistent golf and reach your "true potential." - pg. 6  

  • The ONE skill you need if you want to accelerate your results. This flies in the face of what every golf instructor you’ll ever meet will try to teach you! (I’ll show you how you can use this "one skill" to get INSTANT results… instead of wasting thousands of hours on practicing). – pg. 8

  • Why golfers are stuck shooting the same crappy scores. The answer will shock you. (Don’t worry, by the end of the book you’ll play better golf than golfers with decades of “playing” experience!)– pg. 9

  •  ​A 23-point self-assessment to discover what’s missing in your game right now. Then, based on your answers, you'll get a customized action plan to help you reach the next level of your

    game. - pg. 11

  • ​The simple mindset shift that defines what "true consistent golf" is. (You get this wrong and inconsistent golf is imminent.) - pg. 17

  • ​The fastest and easiest way to “control the clubface” so you can hit pure iron and driver shots almost instantly! (And NO, it has nothing to do with getting custom fit clubs!) – pg. 18

  • Why this common mistake made by 98% of golfers is killing your performance on the golf course (and how to "bulletproof" your game against it.) - pg. 21

  • A controversial approach to practicing that accelerates learning and better golf (And NO, the answer is not "random practice".) - pg. 22

  • The #1 key to transferring your game from the range to the course under pressure – no matter your skill! - pg. 23

  • How this one secret metric can be "the difference" in not wasting thousands of hours practicing and taking your buddies money. Once you know this secret, you will win virtually every time. (WARNING: You must PROMISE not to abuse this. It’s THAT powerful!) – pg. 24

  • ​Why this is the #1 biggest mistake that golfers use to self sabotage their games. If you love "blow up holes", keep doing it. - pg. 26

  • ​The fishbowl mentality. What it is and how to break it (And, more importantly, how to use it to propel your life and game forward at hyper-speed.) - pg. 27

  • ​The “secret sauce” all Tour Players use to avoid SHANKS… when you tap this psychological vein you literally hit the “motherload!” (This kicks FEAR of the SHANKS to the curb!) – pg. 28

  • Simple changes you can make to your nutrition during the round that can create hyper FOCUS! (Mess this up and you could be leaving a lot of strokes on the course – which sucks!) – pg. 29

  • THREE performance parameters you need to get clarity on BEFORE your competitors do… especially if you want to play consistent golf (Ignore this one at your peril!) – pg. 35

  • ​SEVEN specific things you can track to improve your performance! (These are so effective you need to PROMISE me you’ll only use them for good and not abuse your new-found accuracy and power!) – pg. 37

  • A “fat/thin shots” elimination drill that makes it simple, easy, and fast to hit crisp iron shots that fly straight to pins! - pg. 38

  • ​The "skill building exercise" that the top 1% of golfers have been using for years to quickly eliminate swing faults… even Ben Hogan used this! (You can also use it to instantly fix putting yips too) – pg. 42

  • ​The 4 Laws Of Consistency that you must follow. Not doing so means the kiss of death for your golf game. - pg. 45-47

  • ​The single most overlooked component of the golf swing that creates compressed golf shots. It’s not keep your head down… it’s not swing speed… it’s not even your fitness! (Get this right and effortless shots and smooth tempo is your new reality!) – pg. 49

  • The single most deadly trap you can fall into when you start playing golf as a beginner… and it’s even worse the more athletic you are. (Seriously! Athletic people struggle with this trap the most. But I’ll show you how to instantly sidestep it and never look back! ) – pg. 51

  • ​Discover the #1 indicator between good and bad golfers. Get good at this and it’s like the Midas Touch… your swing is pure gold!(Neglect this and your swing turns to pig pudding!) - pg. 57-59

  • How this position at impact can be the difference between "Jekyl" and "Hyde" on the golf course. If you improve this key position, lower scores is fast approaching. (And no it is not a flat left wrist or hands in front of the clubhead at impact.) - pg. 61

  • The one ball flight pattern that improves golfer's scores by 12 strokes!(Apply this shot shape from the 9 possible ball flight patterns and you will have your buddies begging for mercy!) - pg. 63

  • ​The "one thing" you should NEVER, ever, EVER do if you want to eliminate the slice (unless you want pull hooks or shanks)! - pg. 64

  • ​The fastest and easiest way to get more distance so you can bomb your drives past your playing partners. (And NO, it has nothing to do with buying a new driver or increasing swing speed!) – pg. 66-67

  • Finally revealed! Ground Reaction Forces explained on a 5th Grade reading level. (Apply these simple secrets and you will revolutionize your golf swing!) - pg. 70-74

  • What Scottie Scheffler does with his trail foot slide in the downswing and why it is a common trait amongst great ballstrikers. - pg. 74

  • The one body part that is "the boss" in the golf swing. (If you get the timing of this wrong, you're toast if you desire a consistent golf swing!)- pg. 77

  • ​Why reaching peak rotation is critical before this 'key position' in the golf swing. (Not doing so causes lack of power and weak shots.) - pg. 84

  • ​How a simple change in pressure applied through the ground gained 10+ mph clubhead speed immediately. (Avoid reading this page if you hate more distance.) - pg. 85

  • The “GRF” FORMULA that fixes swing path and angle of attack at impact. (It even fixes the DREADED chipping yips!) – pg. 87

  • If you are still applying this popular belief from the 80's and 90's, you are robbing yourself of untapped power and distance. (Sadly, there are even some instructors today that still teach this.) - pg. 94

  • ​How to quickly determine if your swing is biomechanically sound and repeatable. (FYI, this is critical if you want to play golf injury free!) - pg 97

  • Why you can instantly increase clubhead speed with this GRF "torque" in your golf swing. (Without it, means your golf buddies are going to be outdriving you, that's no fun!) - pg. 101

And That’s Not Even HALF Of What You’ll Discover Inside The Pages Of This Breakthrough NEW Book 

  • The Biomechanical "misfire" that is responsible for fat, thin shots, and even slices. (Fix this and you now have a shortcut to flushing iron shots with precision.)  - pg. 107

  • How a "2 Step Drill" is helping golfers gain a minimum of 20 yards to their drives. (The Good News: It helps golfers of all ages!)- pg. 109

  • The #1 ingredient that fixes your slice in 10 minutes flat! (Skip this and it’s like trying to bake cookies without flour… you waste time and get results that taste like crap!) - pg. 112-113

  • Simple changes you can make to fix topping your fairway woods that involves airplanes and coffee tables. (No, you don't need to book a flight to apply this simple fix.) pg. 114

  • ​How you already have the #1 key to becoming your own coach. (Apply this secret and you will collapse a decade of learning into a day!) - pg. 116

  • ​How a small “test” helped 75% of golfers on average add 18 yards or more to their drives! (The small adjustment that any golfer can make to their driver right now is mind blowing.) - pg. 119

  • What is "GEAR Effect" and why understanding this critical component inside your driver head can be "The ANSWER" to your ball flight woes (You will definitely want to see where you driver lands on this chart) - pg. 123-125

  • How to quickly identify which shaft is the best shaft for you and save thousands of dollars by avoiding this deadly trap that many golfers fall into. - pg. 128

  • Discover the #1 skill that drops 3 strokes for any golfer (and make your game "bulletproof" in the process!) - pg. 135

  • ​The “Yellow Brick Road” Formula that literally helps golfers step by step gain an additional 7-10mph clubhead speed! (Which means you will be skipping happily past your competitor's drives..) – pg. 138

  • ​How applying these "4 keys" to your wedge shots can IMMEDIATELY see an improvement to your distance wedges. (No more guessing how long your swing needs to be or what speed to use!) - pg. 140

  • ​The single, biggest mistake that golfers are doing right now to chunk or skull their chips. The Sad part is the "chipping yips" are derived from this. (AVOID this mistake at all costs!) - pg. 144

  • Discover the TRUTH to great bunker play...the answer may SHOCK you! (Hint: your swing has to be different) – pg. 149

  • ​The 3 Skills every great putter employs and how you can implement them fast! (Warning: once you learn this you’ll never be the same again… there’s no turning back) - pg. 152-153

  • The secret to go from "putting yips" to knocking down "knee knockers" (If you’ve ever suffered from missing short putts, this is the solution you’ve prayed for!) - pg. 155-156

  • The MAGIC “Fitness” FORMULA to INSTANTLY find your weaknesses without hiring a trainer or spending thousands to do so. (Follow the customized solutions and you’re guaranteed to play injury free for the rest of your life!) – pg. 161-165

  • ​How this silent, but deadly killer food that you're currently eating is wreaking havoc in your body and in your golf game.  - pg. 170

  • ​Why you should never ever aim to the center of the green! NEVER! (And what to do that's 5 times more powerful)— pg. 174

  • Discover the secret strategy Tiger used to dominate his competition in "strokes gained approach" shots. (The evidence is so compelling that if you apply it, you will see IMMEDIATE results!)– pg. 178

  • ​Your driver needs to fly straight off the tee so you can hit more fairways, right? WRONG! — pg. 179-180 explains why.

  • Discover the #1 key metric that is the difference between a golfer who shoots 95 and a golfer who shoots 78. (FYI it is not making more birdies...) - pg. 182

  • ​The 3 Putt Elimination Drill that is so good you will want to hide this secret from your golfing buddies. (Ignore this and your putting will just plain suck!) pg. 184

  • ​The “future pace” FORMULA that uses the science of Neuro Programming that is helping golfers drop an average 6.7 strokes in 90 days or less...(This is like throwing on rocket fuel for improvement!) – pg. 188

  • Success leaves clues! Build yourself the same “treasure chest” the greatest golfers of all time use to hit powerful, accurate shots and maintain focus an entire round – pg. 190-191

  • ​How to outwit and outsmart your competitors even if you're up against golfers who have been playing for decades…. (This simple formula is the fastest way to join the top 2% of golfers!) - pg. 198

  • ... and much, MUCH More!!!

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What Are Others Saying?

"I Used To Play In The 80's All My Life, But Recently I Was Stuck Shooting Scores In The Upper 90's. I Was Ready To Quit The Game...But Now I Have Broken 80 Several Times!" 

- Dennis Guffey, Senior Golfer

"I Didn't Want To Spend The Money...But To Drop 6 Strokes In 2 Months And Shoot The Lowest Round Of My Life Which Was A 75! That Means Something To Me." 

- Ken Weatherford, Senior Golfer

"I Was Amazed At How Quickly The Results And The Benefits Were Especially When You Compare To What Normally Takes Years For Most Golfers To Improve." 

- Steve Lister, R&A Member St. Andrews Golf Club

As You Can See...

Our Book Has Already Helped Countless Golfers Around The World...

The Question Is,

Are YOU Next?

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In Your Swing"

After you read The Consistent Golf Secrets Book, the first question most golfers have is: “How do I apply these concepts to my swing?!” The answer is to become "your own coach."

Our proven Classification Model will help you identify potential issues or proper techniques fast in your swing. No more guessing what your issues will now know exactly what needs adjusting and what doesn't, so you can sleep peacefully at night.

This model works incredibly well for beginner golfers and is great for unlocking potential plateaus in the swing for advanced golfers.

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I realize this is very you might be wondering what the "catch" is...

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Bo Watson

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